Simon Sledge


Item Weight Notes
Simon Sledge 10lb * Including everything below, Simon weighs ??lbs
* Simon is overweight, and needs to diet


Item Weight Notes
Sword (short) 2lbs


Item Weight Notes
Medium Cold-Weather Outfit 7lbs


Item Weight Notes
Lute 3lbs
Tankard 1lb x2 (2lbs)
Tent 20lbs Fits 4
Bedroll 5lbs
Hooded Lantern 2lbs
Lantern Oil 1lb/pint 1 pint (1lb)
Hemp Rope 0.2lb/ft 47ft (10lbs)
Shovel 8lbs
Empty Vial 0lbs
Oil of True Strike 0lbs Oil use known only by Andreas, but everyone knows he knows what it is
Winter blanket 3lbs
Waterskein 4lbs
Trail rations 1lbs x4 (4lbs)

Simon Sledge

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