The Lady's Chosen

Yu Journal. Day 5 Strange Land.

Night before take turn to watch and other people sleep. Fighting Elf not watch. Fighting Elf hurt and rests.

Number one Wizard Brian watch and see no bad. Number two Sneak Mal watch and wake up people in night. See bad goblins come make fire go. Fighting Elf sleep but this okay. Fighting Elf need rest and no go good in fight for now.

Sneak Mal go away hide and Wizard Brian same way. Yu run other direction make goblins see him. Yu not want see Wizard Brian hurt. Goblins attack Yu but Yu get hit no problem. Sneak Mal attack behind goblins and all group kill one. Yu again punch goblin in killing wound and kill. Alive goblin run in snow. Good feeling not kill second goblin. Too many killing in days go past. Fighter Elf wake up want fight. No clothes in snow is cold and Fighter Elf go back in tent.

Number three Yu watch and after time become many snow and again fire go. Yu go in tent tell Wizard Brian many snow and go make sledge tie down. Yu see nothing outside tent and stay in. Yu ready in case bad thing come but no bad thing come.

Morning time have snow cover tent. Wizard Brian and Sneak Mal dig snow move tent next to tree. Stay tent when all snow. After time snow is not many and pack all on sledge and go more to Giant’s Foot. Fighting Elf again in front and number two is Sneak Mal and number three is Yu and number four is Wizard Brian and sledge.

After time see wood house. Sneak Mal look and see no people. All go and see house and not many things inside but find secret door in floor and go down. Always Yu afraid see bad people in secret place again must kill but this time no bad people. See long room go far down but no light. Wizard Brian make light and all go along down. After time see light not Wizard Brian light and Sneak Mal go look. Sneak Mal see manyleg hardshell and angry. Try throw bread but manyleg hardshell not want. All say must again kill.

Kill easy. Hardshell not many hard. Sneak Mal open hardshell and find light inside and take light inside. All afraid bad people follow in room. Yu and Wizard Brian make trap for bad people. Put rope over floor make bad people fall down. Bad people make noise and all hear noise and ready fight.

Go down more long room and see again small light…


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