The Lady's Chosen


Skeletons of the Crypt

In a crypt, depictions of an angel with lots of subjects. Subjects plotting then fall of the angel. Angel bound in chains.

  • Yu sees shadows moving ahead which Maldron goes to check.
  • Peers round corner, stumbles over and attracts attention of 3 skeletons in next room.
  • Skeletons charge into corridor, Maldron attacked, gravely wounded.
  • Yu runs to help, as does Andreas.
  • Maldron retreats, and hides while near death, Andreas and Yu counter attack.
  • Yu failing to hit, Andreas lands a hit but is ineffective
  • Brian sends acid splash between Andreas and Yu, felling one skeleton
  • Andreas almost killed and has to retreat
  • Yu continues to dodge and miss.
  • Brian continues to fire acid, weakening a skeleton pausing only to create a humanoid out of light to distract a skeleton
  • Yu finally gets the upper hand, sending one skeleton flying into a wall shattering into dust, disarming the last, and finally finishing it with a mighty blow.
  • Find stairs out of crypt leading to a graveyard with a chapel at the top, and an ajoining shack
  • Maldron creeps up to the shack adjoining the chapel and spies an old man and his pet wolf residing inside through a small window


fabrice_clarke craig_ellis_222

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