The Lady's Chosen

TODO: Fernando 3

we wreck a goblin camp with tsadock

TODO: Chris 2

maldron escapes jail, we recruit maldroone to hunt goblins

TODO: Craig 2

get to the giant’s foot, funeral pyre, maldron jailed

TODO: David 2

interrogate goblin, see goblin zombie, find poshment (maldron almost dies)

TODO: Fernando 2

leave village, attacked by goblins (yu almost dies)

TODO: Chris

back at village, zombie attack (lusty bench dies)

TODO: Craig

fight goblin camp

TODO: David

enter fishing village

TODO: Fernando

leave hut/mine, get to lake

For want of some heart...
Frickin Andreas

Following our descent into a winding tunnel, seemingly hewn from the rock by previous picaxers, we came across some light in the distance. Following an all-clear from a stealthy Maldron, we came across an opening, with a pile of rubble, a flat wall and a stone door. From the pile of rubble, I noticed a hand and very enthusiastically started hacking away at the rubble to uncover what was underneath, not that whatever may be attached to the hand may still be alive. However, a misplaced (read: crit fail) picaxe swing found blood and caused the source of the hand to start screaming. Maldron took offence to the screaming and, despite our attempts to stop him, skewered the source of both the hand and the screaming straight through the hole that I’d just created (read: crit success) and the screaming ceased.

We uncovered the rest of the rocks and discovered a dwarf girl (:()with little more than light clothes and a picaxe, obviously having fallen foul of a cave in having reached the clearing. Her story shall remain a mystery though as Maldron had BRUTALLY MURDERED HER.

Following this latest spate of bickering, we finally proceeded into the room behind the stone door. Behind it was a large chamber with a pillar, four caskets each containing a currently unmoving skeleton and a fountain. On the piller was the following riddle

As time turns forward, so it goes
The path will open when we close
But should you fail the present task, it’s
Your fate to be in these caskets
The blood, of course, is the origin.
Then the life force drains. Begin.

Maldron’s initial scout of the room revealed one casket had a blood stain on, so I readied to close that casket (“The path will open when we close”, plus “The blood, of course, is the origin”). Yu and Maldron stood attentive but distanced, remembering our recent run-ins with skeletons and expecting something bad to happen, even if we were doing the right thing with the riddle. Meanwhile, Andreas decides to nonchalantly close one of the OTHER caskets. The three remaining skeletons rose from their caskets and started to attack.

Combat proceeded about as well as it does with us an skeletons, with us constantly failing to make connections, but this time, neither were the skeletons. I slipped up the skeleton from the casket that had been in front of me with clever application of grease and I managed to keep it busy until Maldron and Yu had finished with theirs and were able to charge this last one down. After taking some hits, each skeleton would return to it’s casket and once all three had done so, the lid of the casket Andreas had closed also opened (shortly after everyone has yelled at him for trying to open it again). Resetting the puzzle.

Yu and I then immediately started trying to subdue and tie up Andreas. While unsuccessful in tying him up, they did distract him enough for Maldron to go around closing the caskets in the right order to solve the puzzle, with no further fleshless doom. With the final casket closed, the fountain drained, revealing a grate we could remove. Maldron went in first to check it was all ok and found a statue with an outstretch hand, it’s other hand on it’s chest and the following riddle

It can be said:
To be gold is to be good,
To be stone is to be nothing,
To be glass is to be fragile,
To be cold is to be cruel.
Give this to me and I am yours

What follows is the list of all of the items we tried to place on the outstretched hand before getting it right: A gold coin, a stone, a vial, a winter coat (around the shoulders), a loaf of bread, a hunk of cheese and Andreas. Andreas also broke his sword trying to hit the statue. After lots of umming an dahhing, I begrudingly suggested getting the heart from the dwarf girl, which Maldron did with pleasure, eviscerating her as he went.

Placing the heart on the outstretch hand caused the statue to move, bringing the heart to it’s chest and oustretching the other hand. On the other hand was a pendant with a heart and a skull on it. Written on the pendant was an incantation, which I spoke. It did something, but we can’t discern what and it appears to not be re-usable (not immediately at least). We proceeded back to the surface…


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