The Lady's Chosen

Yu Journal. Day 5 Strange Land.

Night before take turn to watch and other people sleep. Fighting Elf not watch. Fighting Elf hurt and rests.

Number one Wizard Brian watch and see no bad. Number two Sneak Mal watch and wake up people in night. See bad goblins come make fire go. Fighting Elf sleep but this okay. Fighting Elf need rest and no go good in fight for now.

Sneak Mal go away hide and Wizard Brian same way. Yu run other direction make goblins see him. Yu not want see Wizard Brian hurt. Goblins attack Yu but Yu get hit no problem. Sneak Mal attack behind goblins and all group kill one. Yu again punch goblin in killing wound and kill. Alive goblin run in snow. Good feeling not kill second goblin. Too many killing in days go past. Fighter Elf wake up want fight. No clothes in snow is cold and Fighter Elf go back in tent.

Number three Yu watch and after time become many snow and again fire go. Yu go in tent tell Wizard Brian many snow and go make sledge tie down. Yu see nothing outside tent and stay in. Yu ready in case bad thing come but no bad thing come.

Morning time have snow cover tent. Wizard Brian and Sneak Mal dig snow move tent next to tree. Stay tent when all snow. After time snow is not many and pack all on sledge and go more to Giant’s Foot. Fighting Elf again in front and number two is Sneak Mal and number three is Yu and number four is Wizard Brian and sledge.

After time see wood house. Sneak Mal look and see no people. All go and see house and not many things inside but find secret door in floor and go down. Always Yu afraid see bad people in secret place again must kill but this time no bad people. See long room go far down but no light. Wizard Brian make light and all go along down. After time see light not Wizard Brian light and Sneak Mal go look. Sneak Mal see manyleg hardshell and angry. Try throw bread but manyleg hardshell not want. All say must again kill.

Kill easy. Hardshell not many hard. Sneak Mal open hardshell and find light inside and take light inside. All afraid bad people follow in room. Yu and Wizard Brian make trap for bad people. Put rope over floor make bad people fall down. Bad people make noise and all hear noise and ready fight.

Go down more long room and see again small light…

The hobgoblins and the travelling salesman

Maldron here.
I’m starting to wonder about my companions. Yu seems enthusiastic if somewhat simple-minded, Andreas is fairly quiet so it’s difficult to get an idea of what he’s about and Brian is the opposite of Andreas but his magic has proved useful.

We still rested up in Amadeus’ hut after that painful experience with the skeletons. Brian had gotten drunk (typical dwarf), Yu went off following the wolf he seems to have gotten obsessed with (simple-minded after all) and Andreas and I are played dice to while away the time. Andreas hadn’t noticed that I’m cheating however, which allowed me to liberate some of his coin.

On the final night of rest before we left I decided to have a little fun and tie up Yu’s legs with his ropes while he slept. That paid off nicely as he promptly tripped and landed on his face after waking up and attempting to stand.

We enquired with Amadeus about the lay of the land and he informed us that to the east through the forest lay an encampment known as the Giant’s Foot, so called because it lies at the feet of a mountain on which a giant resides. The selfsame giant who was represented in the chapel by one of the statues which had chained up the Lady.

He also informed us of the plains to the north where a giant worm lives who we believe is another one of the beasts represented by a statue in the chapel, as well as a dragon which patrols the mountains which surround the Lady’s land.

In the end we decided to head East as if we’re ever to escape this infernal place we suspect we may need to free this Lady. I was somewhat tempted to put an end to the old man and take the nice bow in his possession but I suspect that he’ll prove useful in the future.

Heading through the forest was an arduous task as the snow was piled up to our shins and the wind was blowing. Also somewhat foolishly none of us had had the foresight to bring winter clothing and thus Andreas and Yu ended up suffering somewhat as a result.

As we proceeded through the forest we heard a sound up ahead so we paused and spotted two hobgoblins rifling through the belongings of what appeared to be two dead travellers. I snuck up as close to them as possible and motioned for my companions to come charging in so I could get behind them.

After a short and fairly uneventful fight we managed to kill both of the goblins, loot them as well as the dead travellers and get going again. Fortunately there were enough winter clothes on the goblins and travellers that we were somewhat protected against the elements.

Hunger began to set in so we all went off to look for food. I managed to find enough for myself and one other person so I gave half to Yu as I trusted that Andreas would be more competent at foraging for himself.

Shortly thereafter we continued heading east towards the Giant’s Foot when we spotted a lone traveller moving towards us slowly. Once again, I clothed myself in shadows and snuck up as close to the individual as possible. He had a sled with him and didn’t seem to pose a threat. I weighed my options of either stabbing him or making my presence known and decided to go with the latter.

He seemed somewhat shocked as I appeared next to him but was understanding of my need for subterfuge. I explained that we had recently been attacked and were wary of others out and about in the forest. At which point my companions emerged from their own hiding places and we determined that this man was a travelling salesman on his way to Amadeus to trade him some food.

We got into a discussion of whether we could see his wares and perhaps get some of our own trading done. He was amenable to the suggestion but the only item of his which we considered worth acquiring was a yellow potion of unknown origin or effect. His price was also extortionate in my eyes. Yu appraised the item and deemed that the price seemed fair but without knowing what it was, we were unwilling to trade the sheer amount of armour and weapons he demanded in kind for the potion.

At some point during this exchange Andreas mentioned to us quietly that he had noticed that this traveller had somehow been dragging his sled without using any kind of rope or physical mechanism.

Once again the urge to kill in me was rising and his extortionate demands in exchange for the unknown potion were not helping. However Andreas’ observation along with the fact he was providing food for Amadeus, who I’d already deemed useful, stayed my blade.

We bid farewell to the traveller and just as he was disappearing over the horizon called out to us that we ought to find a cave for shelter in the night. It was indeed getting late so we searched for a cave but the best we could find was an upended tree which provided some basic shelter. So we set up the tent we had found on the dead travellers earlier in the day and made ourselves a campfire.

I’m curious as to what the future holds for us. My purse is nearly empty, my blade is dry and I haven’t had a drink since the tavern from which I passed to this realm. I’ve been better but I’ve also been worse. It’s almost time to assign watch duties for the night. Time to sharpen my knives.

Skeletons of the Crypt

In a crypt, depictions of an angel with lots of subjects. Subjects plotting then fall of the angel. Angel bound in chains.

  • Yu sees shadows moving ahead which Maldron goes to check.
  • Peers round corner, stumbles over and attracts attention of 3 skeletons in next room.
  • Skeletons charge into corridor, Maldron attacked, gravely wounded.
  • Yu runs to help, as does Andreas.
  • Maldron retreats, and hides while near death, Andreas and Yu counter attack.
  • Yu failing to hit, Andreas lands a hit but is ineffective
  • Brian sends acid splash between Andreas and Yu, felling one skeleton
  • Andreas almost killed and has to retreat
  • Yu continues to dodge and miss.
  • Brian continues to fire acid, weakening a skeleton pausing only to create a humanoid out of light to distract a skeleton
  • Yu finally gets the upper hand, sending one skeleton flying into a wall shattering into dust, disarming the last, and finally finishing it with a mighty blow.
  • Find stairs out of crypt leading to a graveyard with a chapel at the top, and an ajoining shack
  • Maldron creeps up to the shack adjoining the chapel and spies an old man and his pet wolf residing inside through a small window

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